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The IB (introducing broker introduce brokers) refers to a securities company to introduce investors to futures companies, and provide certain services for investors in futures trading, futures companies therefore pay commission to the securities company's system.

Securities company entrusted by futures companies engaged in the business introduction, shall provide the following services:

(a) to assist the account opening formalities;

(2) provide the futures market information and trading facilities;

The other services (3) by the CSRC.

The securities firm shall not conduct futures trading, clearing agent or delivery, futures margin, on behalf of the futures company shall not, customer receipts and shall not use the securities funds account access, transfer the futures margin for our customers.

Shanghai middle in China currently has four membership of a futures exchange, to carry out futures IB business, we will sign a formal IB agreement, allows you to rest assured poised to develop the IB business, achieve mutual benefit and win-win and common development!

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